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I’ve been back in the States since October and have had a couple of jobs here and there, but they weren’t very good and didn’t last long. Well it’s been just a bit over four months and I finally have a job that I feel will be a good fit for me. I’ll be working for a company called Lifetouch. They are the largest photography company in the United States. I’ll be working in their church directory photography department. This means that I’ll be driving to churches in my area and will be shooting family portraits for the church members. I’ll be starting my training this coming Wednesday and will start the job the following Wednesday. I’ll be doing 2nd shift, which is basically 2-9pm. I’ll only be working Wednesday-Saturday because I have a Tuesday night Bible study that I want to attend. My new boss said it’s fine for me not to work Tuesday, though I will work a Tuesday here and there.

Another thing I’ve been working on since last June is trading on the Forex market. I’ve been trading a demo account since then and have learned a lot. I’ve been following the blog of Nial Fuller and I feel like I’m finally ready to start trading a real account. So I’ll be doing just that after my job actually starts giving me an income. I don’t feel comfortable risking my hard earned money on the Forex market until I know I actually have a steady income. As I start trading however I’ll be posting about that and we’ll see how I do. My goal is to be making a full time income from the Forex market within 2 years. It’s a lofty goal but I’m dedicated to making it happen.

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  1. Joshy

    Sir, I am Joshy.C.George, Photography student from India. I would like to work as ur assistant in photograhy. Pls reply,, my mail id is

  2. Olya

    I’m thinking about joining that company too! Altho working on cruise ships sounds like a lot to live up to 🙂

  3. Ian Kee

    Haha yes you can’t compare anything to working on a ship. Having worked with Lifetouch for about 6 months now though, I can say Lifetouch is a pretty good company, especially if you’re good at sales. 🙂

  4. tina

    I am from Manila in the Philippines,I was amazed reading your blog.It’s pretty cool and interesting. I am planning to work also as a cruise ship photographer.
    But i need more advised but i love excitement and doing something that i love to do.especially capturing pictures.


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