21 Hours Later…

We have arrived in La Paz Bolivia. That was the longest bus ride of me vida. We took one Argentine bus to the Argentina/Bolivia border where we had to do customs. They didn´t even care about our documents really, they just wanted the money. That is where we then got onto the 22 hour bus ride. Wow, enough said about that.

Dan Saldi, a good friend from Taylor who is here on Christmas break met us at the bus stop and brought us home with him. It´s so nice to have a shower and place to sleep for the first time in a couple days! It´s also a little funny and weird to see someone from Taylor not at Taylor but on a different continent completely! It´s great to have friends all over the world.

Well like I said we´re acclimating ourselves to the high altitude, about 3600 meters I think, so today we´re just taking it easy. Dan works for a bike company as a tour guide and so we´re gonna use his company for our tour on Death Road, which we will go on the day after tomorrow. That´ll be fun for him to be our guide.

La Paz is a giant city. When we came in on the bus this morning we came over the mountains and we got a great view of the entire city. It´s in a valley and the houses and buildings go clear up the sides of the mountains and all around in the bowl of the valley. It´s giant. Dan said the population of Bolivia is about 10 million and La Paz itself is about 2 million. So that´s 20% of the population in this one city.

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