Asia Cruisin’

Well, I’ve been having a nice cruise around southern Asia thus far. I’m getting to see a lot of cool new places and experiencing a lot of great culture that either I have never experienced before, or I haven’t for a very long time. It was great being in Bangkok because even though I don’t speak Thai, it is very familiar to me as I spent 9 winters in Chiangmai for ELIC mid-year conferences. The dock in Bangkok that we docked at was actually about a 2 hour drive away from Bangkok, but my manager Tino and I decided to go for it and head to Bangkok. We rented a taxi for $150 round trip and the guy took us all around Bangkok seeing a lot of cool sites. I got many really neat photos but…..

The sad part to this is that my camera was stolen from my cabin after I got back that night. I set my camera down in my room and didn’t think about my camera until the next day when I needed it for a photo shoot. Well my camera was no where to be found. The ship security has been doing cabin searches and nothing has been found. I just made a claim to my insurance company and so I should be able to get the camera and lens replaced minus the $250 deductible that I have, but I won’t be getting the photos back. I’m really bummed about this but at least it was only one port worth of photos that were on the camera. I need to make sure I download photos to my computer right away from now on.

Until I get to Alaska I’m going to have to use one of the company back up cameras that are really old and falling apart. Once in Alaska I’ll order a new camera and have it sent to the ship. Ah well.

I have updated my photo gallery with photos from Cambodia which I took yesterday. Tomorrow is Vietnam and I plan to get a lot of nice ones there as well.

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