Be Large or Be Nimble: or Be Dead

It was around 9 o’clock at night and I was working in the photo gallery when all of a sudden the boat listed really hard to one side. A few minutes later it listed hard back to the other side. Later that night when I was down in the bar, some of the cadets said that we nearly ran over a small fishing boat. I guess out here in the ocean the rule of thumb is: be large.

A couple days later I saw a few houses floating by us as we went down the narrows. These were full sized houses too, not just bits and pieces of them. I think they were all tied together and were being pulled by some sort of tugboat. It was formal night and so I was in the middle of shooting photos so I couldn’t get a good look on what exactly was happening, but it sure looked interesting.

I had planned on going dog sledding on the top of a glacier today, but things didn’t work out for that. Instead, I’m gonna go play paintball with a bunch of my crew friends. Should be fun to shoot up my friends. 😀

I’ve also uploaded a few new photos to the gallery. Most of them are from earlier in the season. I went through my photo library and selected a few photos that I found interesting and did the edits. The Indonesians often have their little laptops out and they know where all the wifi hot spots are. In this photo they are all tucked in between two mailboxes. I also find the photo of the old van interesting. This was parked right outside a bar and the band members were either loading or unloading their musical equipment. What I find exceptional is that the license plate is from Washington State. Who knows, maybe they drove all the way up from Washington to Juneau just to play at this bar. From the looks of the van they might have done just that.

Also, please don’t send any more mail to my Ketchikan address. I only have about 2 more weeks in Alaska and I don’t want to lose anything that you want to send to me. I will update my address once I get to the Caribbean. It will be an address in Tampa Bay.

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