Cheap Excursions And My Girlfriend Named George

One of the best things about working on a cruise ship are all the excursions that you can go on for practically free. As I already mentioned I went on an excursion kayaking that would have normally cost $109 for passengers, and I did it for free. Then the next day I took a train ride that would normally be $180 for passengers, and it cost me $5. It was a train ride through the mountains in Scagway and I got some beautiful photographs that are now posted in my photo gallery. Today I will be going on the Glacier Point Wilderness Safari in Haines, which would be $199 for passengers, and I get it for free. I’ll be going on many excursions while I can.

Well the crew officers decided that I wasn’t going to be able to keep that room to myself so I have now moved in with one of the other photographers. It worked out pretty well because his fiancé just left as her contract is over, which means she won’t always be in the room. The room is much smaller than the one I just left, but it is in a much better location of the ship. I am very near the elevators and the OB (Officers Bar, it’s the place everyone hangs out after work) and I also don’t have to walk down this long corridor that stinks really bad. Ah yes…and since George’s fiancé has left, he is very sad and now instead of her in the room all the time, it will be me.

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