Cuanto Cuesta Hasta Lima?

Well we have made it to Peru! After Jeff fell and broke his wrist we weren’t sure if it was going to be feasible either with time or money, but we have made it work. Also, Dan Saldi was able to come with us since his parents decided to finance him. So we’re having a blast here in Cuzco together. We took a 10 hour bus ride from La Paz to get here. At the border of Peru and Bolivia there are these guys who have bicycle taxis, and Josh told me to go up to one of them and ask them “Cuanto cuesta hasta Lima?” So I did and the guy asked me, “Lima??” haha. I just laughed. It was pretty funny. Y despues encontr√© cinco pesos. A term I learned from my friend Elicia. haha.

Anyways, because the bus ride was only 10 hours, and we left La Paz around 5pm, we got in to Cuzco this morning at about 3:45 since there is a time difference. Well we took a cab to a hostel that Josh and Diego had looked up, but it was so early in the morning that there was no room yet since people hadn’t checked out. So we sat in their lounge and half slept and half watched Kingdom of Heaven. They had a pretty sad collection of DVDs but that one was actually ok. So around 7 or so we got up and left our bags in the office and walked around town for a bit. We got breakfast and found a tour guide place that will take us to Machu Picchu tomorrow. It’s a two day trip and it cost us $140 US. That’s not bad because if we were to go on our own without a tour guide apparently the train there, just one way, would cost $45 and that doesn’t include food or anything. So tomorrow morning they are gonna come pick us up from our hostel at 6:30 and we’ll be on our way for the next couple days getting a guided tour around Machu Picchu.

After getting that settled Dan and I hung out at the hostel and Jeff and Josh went to get Jeff’s stitches cleaned. Apparently he got really ripped off and the guy did nothing that we couldn’t have done but charged Jeff like $45. They came back and we checked into our hostel room finally after the guy who owns the place moved people around so that we can have a 4 person private room all to ourselves. It’s by far the nicest hostel we’ve stayed in and it’s only $10 a night. No complaints here. Oh yeah and I’m on their free internet right now. =D

Then we went out for lunch today and I ate Alpaca meat. Yum. Jeff and Josh wasted their time by going to a couple history musuems while Dan and I went and climbed a mountain! There was a statue of Jesus on top with his arms held out, kinda like that famous one you think of in Rio De Janeiro. It was a really long climb up, lots of stairs at first then we just had to climb strait up the mountain. At the top we realized there was a road up to it that we could have taken, but we didn’t know about it. So we took it back down instead of killing ourselves going over the mountain again. We got some cool photos of the statue as well as some random ethnic group girls fighting with each other trying to get our attention. Well I guess it worked. Also we saw Alpacas and big rocks.

Well that was a long explanation of the days events for today. I suppose dinner will be soon and then I’m sure Josh will want to go partying. hahaha. It was a good day. I like Cuzco.

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