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Everyone around here has a boss, and even people who aren’t your boss, are your boss. One of the ways of greeting each other is to say “Hi boss!”. This is especially popular among the Indonesian and Philippinos. Speaking of bosses, our region manager is on the ship this week. One of the products we sell is Black Label photography, and sales have not been good for our Black Label artist. We are supposed to be making 20-25 bookings each week, and we have been averaging 2-3 a week. That is absolutely dismal. It doesn’t even cost the passengers a penny to sign up for a booking, so it should be really easy to get them into the studio to get their photos taken. So anyways, our boss is here to make sure we’re doing our job, as well as to give us pointers on how to do better. So I’ve made a concentrated effort to tell people about the Black Label and I’ve already made 9 bookings in 2 days. So hopefully it will start to pay off.

We are also going to be getting a new videographer today who will be on our ship for about a week. We are just training him here and then he’ll go to some other ship. We are getting a replacement photographer to replace my roommate who left two weeks ago. The replacement will stick around, and he’ll be new to the company so it will mainly be my job to train him. Well I say “him”, but we don’t know who it will be yet, maybe he will be a she.

I went on a whale watching excursion last week and got some great photos of a whale breaching. That basically just means jumping out of the water. Those photos are in the photo gallery. I also went on a rainforest tour yesterday in the hopes of seeing bald eagles. Well I did get to see a few and got some ok shots, but not nearly as close as I had hoped. Apparently I went on the wrong excursion and there is one that is much better which I will go on next week. Next week I also get to go snorkeling in Ketchikan. The water is about 56 degrees but I just think it will be so cool to go snorkeling in Alaska. They do have wet suites for us.

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