Home Sweet Home Ketchikan

Well I’m back to Alaska. To be precise I am sitting in a Mcdonalds in Ketchikan enjoying the free wifi. I received my replacement camera and lens in the mail when I got to Juneau. Thank goodness! I was really getting tired of that backup camera because it just wasn’t quite up to snuff and it’s not good to have bad photos when you’re in the business of selling photos! Anyways my new one is here and it’s so nice.

Although Alaska can get really annoying and very cold and frustrating when you’re half way through the season and just tired of life being so crazy all the time, right now it feels very nice and familiar. I was at all these ports so much last year that it almost feels like home.

One of our photographers went home as it was the end of his contract, and we got two new ones on board. Our team is really good right now and I expect we’re gonna have a really great season.

In case you haven’t seen them all yet, the remainder of my Asian photos have been posted to my photo gallery. Enjoy!

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