Hong Kong Style

Hong Kong is amazing. Up to this point in my life if there is anywhere I would really love to live it would be Hong Kong. I really enjoyed Singapore and I think it’d be cool to live there too, but it’s just a bit too hot. There are also a bunch of rules about what you can and cannot do in public, and it’s freakin’ expensive too. The only thing I have against Hong Kong is that they speak Cantonese instead of Mandarin. Now you can get by with Mandarin but the default that most people speak is Cantonese so it’s just a little annoying. In the grand scheme of things I can handle that, maybe I’d even learn Cantonese.

I went up to Victoria’s Peak, which has an amazing view. I think it should have taken me about 45 minutes in the bus, but there was a huge accident and we ended up sitting around for about an hour while the cops and ambulance and tow truck came to clear everything away. Including both the ferry and the bus it was only about $4 USD round trip. For lunch I had niu rou mian, which was also very cheap yet incredibly tasty. When I’m done with ships…expect to find me here. =D

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