I Love Landslides!!!!

Cuz I’ve been detained by two of them! On our way to Machu Picchu there was a giant landslide that had us waiting for a little more than an hour while a CAT cleared it up. That wasn’t so bad. But then on the way back, there was an even gianter landslide. This time it was a gushing rushing fussing river that took away half the mountain. So there were two giant machines trying to clear the road of debris. Of course they couldn’t stop the river from flowing, so they just had to get rid of most of the rocks and dirt and then the cars and trucks just drove through the river. It was kinda exciting. That was a 4 hour delay. We left Machu Picchu around noon and were supposed to get to Cusco around 10, but we didn’t make it till a little after 1 am. It’s all good. Tonight we’re gonna take a bus back to La Paz.

Machu Picchu was awesome though!  Josh, Dan and I stayed up till about midnight hanging out with a couple people we met on the bus up, and then we had to get up at 3 to hike up the mountain. Jeff was smart and went to bed. I gotta say though, Pisco Sour is pretty darn good. Anyways, after 3 hours of sleep and no breakfast, we started hiking an hour and a half up a mountain. It was just steep steps all the way up. It was a killer. I really can’t believe how hard it was. Just think for a minute about hiking up stairs at 3 in the morning for an hour and a half, oh yeah, and it’s raining. It’s dark too and between the 4 of us we only had one flashlight. Luckily there were a billion other people climbing that had lights so that wasn’t too bad. I really can’t begin to describe to you how hard this was though. Anyways we got to the top around 5:30 in the morning and had to wait till 6 when Machu Picchu opened. Then we got to climb just a little bit further and boy, the view was amazing. It was extremely foggy though so we had to wait to get a clear view. We had a tour guide give an explanation for everything in English, so that was nice. I didn’t hear half of what he said though cuz I was too busy taking photos. We got to walk down into the old Inca ruins, it was really spectacular.

We stayed two nights there cuz we didn’t wanna worry about climbing around Machu Picchu and then having to immediately catch a bus back to Cusco. So instead we just hung around and got caught in the landslide last night. Well I guess that was the pinnacle of our trip. Now it’s back to La Paz for a day or two, in which we are supposedly going to watch the Bolivian version of WWF. It’s ethnic women wrestling apparently. Very odd and it seems very culturally unacceptable to me, but hey, I’ll go watch! Then to another city in Bolivia on the way back to Argentina and then I’ll be going home in about a week.

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