Ideas To Make Good, Creative and Catchy Photography Business Names

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“A rose by any other name is still a rose.”

A name is extremely important and choosing a name for your photography business is something that you should do before you even open for business. The name that you choose is going to stay with you for the duration of the life of your company.

There are thousands of photographers out in the world trying to make their mark, many of which have set up a businesses, but don’t have a suitable name that really sets them apart. This is your chance to shine and really make a difference.

So what will set you apart? What is going to make your name something really special?

Brainstorming for Photography Business Name Ideas

Brainstorming. Lots of brainstorming. What comes to mind? Just start writing it down.

Use a real pen and paper. Those two ancient tools still exist and they work phenomenally well. Really!

It really is all about getting those brain juices flowing. Don’t worry if you think of a bunch of silly names that you’d never actually use. The process of getting the right name involves a lot of really bad names. If you limit yourself to thinking of only good things, you’ll miss the entire process and you’ll never even get out of the driveway, so to speak.catchy photography business names

Once you’ve written down a hundred or more names that might work, start narrowing it down to the ones that jump out at you as stellar. You can do even more brainstorming with the names that you find attractive. You’ll surprise yourself what you can think of once you’ve gotten into the thinking zone.

Making Your Name Good, Creative and Catchy

If you want your business to catch the attention of prospective clients it will help a lot to have a name that sets you apart from the plethora of other photography businesses out there.

What do you want your name to convey? What do you want to be? Think of something that both relates to your selected field but also something that interests you. If the name is interesting to you it’s going to feel a whole lot more meaningful. That’s one of the most important things anyways because if you feel passion about something you’re going to pour your whole being into making sure that it succeeds.

Personalizing Your Photography Business

Most of the time photography businesses are small businesses and you as the owner are the most important member of the business. For this reason it’s usually a good idea to incorporate your own name into the business name. Here’s a few examples on how that might look:

Bob Jones Photography
Mary Jane Portraits
Lenses of Sara
Shutterbug Frank

Another thing to keep in mind is the particular type of photography business that you are engaged in. You should choose a name that speaks directly to your audience. A name that encourages trust and reliability is super important.

If at first you don’t succeed, brainstorm again. Eventually you’re going to come up with something that you both enjoy and will shine above the rest of the industry. As a last resort you can always hire a marketing agent to do some business name research for you. Just make sure that the name that you finally decide on doesn’t sound like it’s come out of a photography business name generator.

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