I’m Off to See the Wizard

The wonderful wizard of Alaska!! Yeah I can’t wait to be back in Alaska. Sounds strange to say that because it’s gonna be 5 long months of hard work but it’s gonna be a nice change – at least for the beginning. By the end of the 5 months I’m gonna be so ready for a break but for now I can confidently say I’m ready for some cold weather and some fast paced cruising.

The King crab and clam chowder are not among the least of the things I’m looking forward to. But also Niamh and Casey will come cruise with me. My parents and Aunt Tamah and possibly my grandma as well will be cruising. It’s gonna be a lot fun.

Today I’m in Puerto Vallarta, the last time I’ll be in Mexico. It’s nice and hot today. It feels so strange that it could be so hot here and yet where I’ll be in a week will be completely different. Actually after having worked on cruise ships for so long it feels like no where in the world is far from anywhere else. I have been on the same ship in Alaska, the Caribbean and Europe. And it doesn’t really take long to get from one place to the other. The whole world is so accessible it’s crazy.

Alright, time to get back to work and finish off this last cruise before the real work begins!

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