Kayaking Among Eagles

Life on the ship is getting much easier and I’m getting more used to the daily schedule and everything that needs to be done. I’m also learning a lot more about the job and I’m getting a pretty good hang of it I think. Last week I was able to sell more than 30 DVDs throughout the cruise – let’s see if I can beat that this week.

One major change is that my roommate has been transferred to a different ship. Only Americans are able to work on the dock to take photos of people getting off the ships, so he was probably transferred so that he could do that on another ship that didn’t have enough Americans. Because of him leaving we have one less person obviously, and they aren’t planning to send us a replacement photographer any time soon. It will mean a little more work for us. I have the room to myself for the rest of the week but I’m sure they are going to make me move at the end of this cruise because the two of the other photographers on the ship also have their own rooms. At least I get to enjoy my own room for a short amount of time.

Today I went on a short land excursion. I went kayaking to Douglas Island. We didn’t actually get out of the kayaks on an island, but we got to kayak around a bay and had a really nice time enjoying the sun and scenery. We saw a whole bunch of bald eagles, and we got really close to them. There was a tower thing in the middle of the bay which was about 20 feet high, and there were two eagles sitting on it. We got right up to the tower and so we were maybe about 30 or 40 feet away from the eagles. They are huge and majestic birds. We also saw a bunch of ducks, a few seals and a lot of other types of birds. I took my camera with me but the kayaks were the kind that sealed and so I couldn’t reach into my pocket to get the camera out and I didn’t want to have it sitting on my lap while we were kayaking. So I didn’t get any photos of the eagles or anything, but I did get some photos from the beach area. There was a glacier in the background and a lot of snow capped mountains, so it was extremely beautiful.

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