Made It Through The Winter!

Well it seems that the winter is finally over. In fact there wasn’t much of a spring around here. As my friend Casey put it, in Wisconsin there is winter, and then there’s a death match between winter and summer, and then there’s summer. I feel like that is pretty accurate as it went from 30s to 70s in like two days. Sure is nice weather now!

I’ve been enjoying my new job at Lifetouch quite a bit. It helps that I’m ranked #1 in the region and that sales are going excellent! My boss is currently on maternity leave and so my schedule is being dealt with by another manager. It seems like not everything is running as smoothly as when my main manager was in charge but she should be back at the beginning of July or so.

I feel like this job could be a long term job for me. At least working with Lifetouch could be. There is another position called Church Consultant that I am interested in learning more about. That is the position that sets the churches up with Lifetouch to have their directories done. It seems like I would have more freedom as far as my schedule goes and probably a higher income as well. I don’t know a lot of details about this job so I plan to ask Michelle my manager when she gets back from maternity leave.

Also as I say I did make it through this winter in Wisconsin and I’m pretty much loving life here so I’m actually thinking of buying a house next year once my lease is up on this apartment. Casey and I have the lease until next March, so that’s about the time that I’ll be considering looking to buy a house. I talked with a mortgage lender from Wells Fargo and she said to talk to her again in January so we can get the ball rolling. So that’s what I plan to do, though of course I also plan to talk to other mortgage lenders to see who I want to go with. There’s tons of other things to keep in mind as well when I’m thinking of getting a house.

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