New Beginning

I am starting my life as a photographer and this blog is going to be me documenting the travels that I embark upon. My first trip will be starting on December 31st, 2009. I’ll be traveling to South America for a full month. The countries that I plan on visiting are Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. I’ll be bringing back around 30GB of photos and also a limited amount of video just for fun. I’m really looking forward to this trip and I hope to be able to post several times over the month that I’ll be gone.

I’ll be on this trip with Jeffrey Mudge and Josh Greenman. Both these guys graduated from Taylor last year with me. All 3 of us lived in the Soup House for 2 years together. Josh grew up in Argentina and Bolivia and is currently working down there. He’ll have the month off in January when we’re down there so he’ll be our acting guide of South America! What better way to tour a foreign country than with a great friend who knows the language and can help us get around and see the real sites, not just the tourist sites.

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