Real Estate and Forex and Life, Oh My!

Apparently I don't know what it means to be a consistent blogger. Anyways there are a few things to be updated in my life. 1. Real Estate Investing Since last November I have been interested in investing in real estate. I Read more

Time Keeps Marching

The summer has been a whirlwind of fun. My parents were here for about 6 weeks, though they did travel a lot during that time. I was able to spend about 8 days with them down at my sister's Read more

Made It Through The Winter!

Well it seems that the winter is finally over. In fact there wasn't much of a spring around here. As my friend Casey put it, in Wisconsin there is winter, and then there's a death match between winter and Read more

New Job Finally

I've been back in the States since October and have had a couple of jobs here and there, but they weren't very good and didn't last long. Well it's been just a bit over four months and I finally Read more

I've Been Everywhere Man

Well I have now come to the end of my career on cruise ships. I thought it'd be nice to provide a little list of all the places I've been in the last 3 years. Most of the names Read more

I'm Off to See the Wizard

The wonderful wizard of Alaska!! Yeah I can't wait to be back in Alaska. Sounds strange to say that because it's gonna be 5 long months of hard work but it's gonna be a nice change - at least Read more

Skydiving in Honolulu

Well, this is definitely something worth writing about. I jumped out of an airplane. The airplane was 14,750 feet in the air. The free fall was 60 seconds. It was amazing. I had never thought about sky diving before Read more

Next Contract - Panama Canal and Alaska

With also a few other places thrown in such as Tahiti, Bora Bora, Hawaii and Christmas Island!! If you're interested please see below my itinerary for this next contract on the ms Statendam. I'll be joining it during dry dock Read more

Home Sweet Home Ketchikan

Well I’m back to Alaska. To be precise I am sitting in a Mcdonalds in Ketchikan enjoying the free wifi. I received my replacement camera and lens in the mail when I got to Juneau. Thank goodness! I was really getting tired of that backup camera because it just wasn’t quite up to snuff and it’s not good to have bad photos when you’re in the business of selling photos! Anyways my new one is here and it’s so nice.

Although Alaska can get really annoying and very cold and frustrating when you’re half way through the season and just tired of life being so crazy all the time, right now it feels very nice and familiar. I was at all these ports so much last year that it almost feels like home.

One of our photographers went home as it was the end of his contract, and we got two new ones on board. Our team is really good right now and I expect we’re gonna have a really great season.

In case you haven’t seen them all yet, the remainder of my Asian photos have been posted to my photo gallery. Enjoy!

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May 11th

I’ve never done one day twice before, but there’s a first for everything. We crossed the international date line last night and at midnight it went from May 11th to May 11th. So I’m currently in the middle of doing the same day twice. The ocean is super rough and I think most people are sick. It’s supposed to be formal night tonight, but we’re only going to be setting up one studio. Bering Strait….yikes.

Well I do have an update for my address while I’m in Alaska. It is as follows:

MS VOLENDAM – Ian Kee – 77538
Cruise Line Agencies
1330 Eastaugh Way #4
Juneau, AK 99801

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Good Bye Asia

Well I spent today in the frigid city of Petropovlovsk, which lies in a northern part of Russia, in Kamchatka. This marks the end of my travels in Asia, as the next port is Kodiak, Alaska. I’ve been to 8 countries in the last month and 5 of them have been new to me. This cold Russia sure isn’t one of the ones that I’d like to live in though!

It’s really hard to believe that I’ve traveled so far. Singapore was just 4 weeks ago and I was sweating like crazy. Now I’m near the north pole and I saw tons of snow today. Sometimes I feel like the world isn’t real and that I just imagine things. Being able to travel so far so fast, just seems like it shouldn’t be possible. I know going at 25 miles an hour isn’t exactly fast, but you can cover a lot of distance when you do it continuously. I suppose it’s the traveling at a slow speed that makes it seem unreal. The world just doesn’t seem so large anymore when you travel like this. When I’m here in Russia, it’s hard to imagine that the people in Hong Kong are still in hot weather. It seems like I’ve been traveling at such a slow speed that everywhere must be like it is here. It’s just weird wonderings that I have.

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