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Time Keeps Marching

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Made It Through The Winter!

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Skydiving in Honolulu

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Next Contract - Panama Canal and Alaska

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21 Hours Later…

We have arrived in La Paz Bolivia. That was the longest bus ride of me vida. We took one Argentine bus to the Argentina/Bolivia border where we had to do customs. They didn´t even care about our documents really, they just wanted the money. That is where we then got onto the 22 hour bus ride. Wow, enough said about that.

Dan Saldi, a good friend from Taylor who is here on Christmas break met us at the bus stop and brought us home with him. It´s so nice to have a shower and place to sleep for the first time in a couple days! It´s also a little funny and weird to see someone from Taylor not at Taylor but on a different continent completely! It´s great to have friends all over the world.

Well like I said we´re acclimating ourselves to the high altitude, about 3600 meters I think, so today we´re just taking it easy. Dan works for a bike company as a tour guide and so we´re gonna use his company for our tour on Death Road, which we will go on the day after tomorrow. That´ll be fun for him to be our guide.

La Paz is a giant city. When we came in on the bus this morning we came over the mountains and we got a great view of the entire city. It´s in a valley and the houses and buildings go clear up the sides of the mountains and all around in the bowl of the valley. It´s giant. Dan said the population of Bolivia is about 10 million and La Paz itself is about 2 million. So that´s 20% of the population in this one city.

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I am now in Jujuy with Jeff and Josh at Josh’s house. Jeff got in on the 7th and we spent a couple days going around Buenos Aires showing him the spots. I got my yellow fever shot taken the day before he came in and we took him to get his taken the day he got in. We need a yellow fever vacination in order to get in to Bolivia, which we will be visiting in 2 days. We’ll spend quite a few days there before going to Peru.

I still have a pretty good headache from my flight from Indianapolis to Houston. Yesterday we were in Salta and we decided to go to a private hospital to get me checked out. The public ones are free but they take a long time because of this. We didn’t want to wait around all day so I spent 191 pesos for a check up, xray, a shot, and two pill medications. That’s the equivalent to about $50. Not bad I don’t think. The evaluation is that my sinuses are stopped up and so they gave me a shot to do something, don’t remember what, and two pills to help clear it up as well as fight against allergies I guess. I take one pill of each every day. One of the pills are only 3, the other has 10. So tomorrow I’ll finish up the one pill. The day before yesterday also when we were walking around Salta I get super sunburned. So I got some medicated lotion for that. It’s been kinda crazy how much medication related stuff I’ve already gotten. Hopefully that’ll be all for the rest of the trip. Even with all that I’m still trucking and having a great time!

I’ve met a lot of great people on the trip already. We went to Tigre once near the beginning of the trip and met a bunch of cool people, and then hung out there again another day later. Also in Buenos Aires we met another one of Josh’s friends and hung out for several days, and also stayed in her landlord’s apartment for a night. Also in the last hostel that we stayed in we met this guy from Toronto who just got done teaching English in Korea for the last 6 years. It was really interesting to talk with him about all that he’s done. It seems like I’ve met a lot of people in BA who travel all around the world for a long time doing odd jobs and just exploring. I would love to do that kind of thing.

Well Jeff and Josh are napping now and I think we’re gonna go out and explore the town a little bit when they get up. Maybe I’ll go see if I can rouse them….

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Upside Down Shower

Well we haven´t gone to Uruguay. We have stayed in a different house/apartment/hostel every single night however. We´re hoping that the place we go tonight we can stay for the next 3 nights.

I´ve been very impressed with how friendly the people here have been. Whenever we go to some house we stay and talk for like 5 hours. Not an exaggeration. It really reminds me of China. Josh knows quite a few people so we´re always staying and talking with people, it´s not like we´re just backpackers going to some foreign city and staying in hostels by ourselves and exploring the city. Though we have done some of that, a lot of our time has been spent with friends.

So a new thing here that I´ve never seen before is a little something new in the bathroom. It looks like another toilet, except you don´t sit on it, you squat over it and water sprays up to clean you off!! hahaha. You´re supposed to wipe first and use this just for the final touches. Apparently the Argentines like to make fun of some other group of people (not sure which) who don´t have these and say that they think it´s a shower. The water sprays up and it takes a long time to take a shower! hahahaha. oh boy. If you know what this thing is you´d understand.

Well Jeff is getting in on the 7th, so we have a couple more days before he gets here. We plan to visit La Plata tomorrow which is just about an hour and a half away from here. Then on the 8th after Jeff gets here we´re gonna go to Bolivia.

I´d like to upload some photos but I really doubt that´s gonna happen because it´s just too much trouble. I´ll definitely have photos online when I get back.

Well time to go get our stuff and move to the new hostel!

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