I have discovered that photography as an art is a means of communication between others and myself. However, photography is not only a form of communication but is also a way to portray beauty. Beauty can take many forms and is not limited to what people typically think of beauty, such as a nice flower or smile. I try to expose the underlying beauty that is at the core of life. It is my goal to reveal life’s realities through these photos. To say something of importance is no easy task. Ideas that have deep intellectual, spiritual or emotional meaning take time and thought to convey. So as an artist I try to create pieces of art that have something to say about life.

Currently I am working with the lives of people and how individuals interact with their surroundings. I have a deep interest in what makes people tick, and I know that culture and upbringing has a lot to do with who people are. So a lot of what I have been studying with photography deals with the heart and soul of the human being. I try to provoke people to think about life in atypical ways.

This show consists of photos of complete strangers to me. With the exception of one piece, I didn’t know any of these people before I knocked on their doors. Meeting new people and discovering their lives in their own environment is a powerful way to broaden your view of humanity. This experience has deepened my appreciation for people, strengthened my photography skills and most importantly made me more fully aware of what it means to immerse myself into the lives of the people I work with. In this case the people I worked with were my subjects and I believe that in creating a base of a relationship with them, I was able to capture more meaningful photographs. When all is said and done, these photographs will allow the memories of these people to live on, and in a sense, be reincarnated over and over.

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