Safe To Buenos Aires

Well I made it safely all the way to Buenos Aires, as you might have guessed from the title! The flight to Houston was awful however, I got a excruciatingly bad headache on the way down. It has kinda bad last night in BA as well, but this morning it is now fine.

Buenos Aires is very warm right now. It´s really nice to get away from the snow and freezingness of Indiana. I´m wearing shorts and a t-shirt. It was raining and kinda cool when I got here, only about 70 degrees, but today it´s prolly around the upper 80s around 11 in the morning. There´s lots of mosquitos so I´m wearing bug spray that we bought from a marketplace run by Chinese people. Actually most of the marketplaces are run by Chinese. I spoke to this one lady in Chinese and then she asked me in Spanish if I spoke Chinese. Well duh! Plus I didn´t understand that she was asking me that, Josh had to translate to me that. So then Josh told this Chinese woman in Spanish that I only spoke Chinese, so she finally started talking to me in Chinese. I think she was just so shocked.

Well we are trying to contact Josh´s bank back in the States to activate his debit card so we can use it here. We need to go now and make reservations for a boat trip to Uruguay. Seems like that might have to wait until Tuesday and we´ll stay in our crazy hostel for another night.

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