Take It Easy!!

Well vacation so far has been absolute bliss. We’ve actually been kinda busy until recently traveling to Ireland and keeping ourselves busy in London, but it’s been positively delightful. I’ve been able to lounge around not doing a whole lot, and it’s totally fine. I could definitely get used to not working.

Niamh and I took a 6 day trip to Ireland to visit her many family members over there. Most of her mom’s side of the family lives in Ireland so there were plenty of people to meet. We also toured around the city (Dublin) and had a grand time. We went to Newgrange, an extremely old Stone Age Passage Tomb. It’s actually older than the Pyramids. We also made a stop in Kilmainham Gaol, an old prison in Dublin. They wanted to keep Niamh there but I was able to bribe them into letting her go. (joke). It’s actually not an operating prison now, it’s just a museum. Very interesting tour.

Now we’re back in London and we have nothing to do for the next 10 days or so. It’s nice to just sit around and not do much unless the desire strikes us for something. Actually, last night was a big party to welcome home Niamh from her contract on the ship. It was a lot of fun to meet many of her friends that I hadn’t met yet. I went bowling with her brothers and sister the day before when she was busy with some other friends.

We had wanted to go to Scotland during this vacation but the time is running down a little bit. We have a few other things planned that may require a trip up north to be postponed to another vacation. We’re still gonna try and fit it in but no promises at this point.

As you might have noticed I have done a major overhaul of this website. The wonders of free time! So this site is no longer going to be focused solely on my travels. I’m branching out and focusing the site on other types of photography. I’ll be writing articles on different aspects of running and creating photography businesses. I feel like I’ve had a lot of experience with both photography itself as well as the business side, seeing as I’m a photo manager working on cruise ships. That said, I will definitely still write posts on what I’ve been up to in my manic traveling around the world. The photo gallery itself is also new and upgraded so all my photos are still here and I’ll continue posting photos. So no fear! This is merely an addition to the site not a drastic change.

Well that’s about all for now. Please check out this space as I’m planning to continue to update the site more often and hopefully keep up to date a little better during my next contract back on the Ryndam.

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