Thank God It’s Friday

If you think of my 8 month contract as a really long 5 day week, and the time that I get off between contracts as my really long 2 day weekend, it is SOOO Friday. My 8 month contract has exactly 245 days, and I have currently worked 204 of them. That means I’m 83.265306% done. Now if you think of that in terms of a 40 hour week, that would be 33.3061224 hours. If you also assume I worked from 9-5 5 days a week, that would mean it is currently 10:18 on Friday morning. My weekend is almost here.

I bet I saw more places this week than you. 😉

Also, Happy New Year! I’ve done and seen a lot of crazy things in 2010 and I imagine 2011 is going to be twice as crazy.

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