The Day That Never Came….Until Today

Today is the first day that I got a full day off. We’ve been having this competition the last 4 weeks in the photo department on who gets the most Black Label bookings, who sells the most photo packages and things like that. Well I won and so the reward is that I get a whole day off. My goodness, let me tell you how nice it is to get a whole day where I don’t have to talk to passengers, deal with the printer, or touch a camera. It’s been super nice and I feel truly refreshed.

This coming Friday is the Ms Ryndam competition, aka Miss Ryndam. This is a cross dressing Miss America type competition. Each department is supposed to have somebody competing, so I’m going to be the cross dressing addition to this year’s Ms Ryndam competition for the photo department. Oh yes, it is going to be quite a sight. I’m not sure exactly what type of dress I’m going to be wearing, but I will indeed be in some sort of dress. There’s also a talent competition. I wouldn’t spill the beans if I expected any of you to be in attendance, but as you won’t, I plan to sing along with Vitas, a Russian singer. The particular song that I’ll be singing with is the very high pitched screaming that he does. I’ll also definitely come up with some super talented dance moves to go with the song and I’m sure it will be a treat for everyone who happens to be at this competition. There might even be some video recording that takes place, so I might be able to post a link to the video on YouTube some time in the future, but please don’t hold your breath for that. Anyways it’s gonna be a lot of fun to be a complete idiot in front of all my friends….


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