The Road To Nowhere

Well Potosi started out as a very drab city in which I didn´t want to be in. This is mainly due to the fact that the day before when we left La Paz it rained and so I was wearing my only dry pair of shorts since my jeans were wet, and the weather was very cold there. My boots were wet too. Poor Ian. But I bought myself a new pair of shoes for cheap and we got some our of clothes dry cleaned. So that cleared up all my woes and Josh and I decided to take a tour of the mines. The lonely planet described it as a place that was scary but it turned out to be pretty cool. It´s still an active mine and they mine zinc and silver. The workers who work there only make 50 Bolivianos a day, equivalent of $7. So we brought them a few gifts to give them while on our tour of the place.

Then yesterday morning Jeff, Josh and I all went up to the hot springs that are about a 30 minute bus drive away from Potosi. The hot springs was definitely a fun place to be and it was nice to swim, and in really warm steaming water! On the way down however, some crazy man stumbled off the mountain onto the path on which we were walking. We thought he was just being a little crazy so we tried to pass, and as we did, he wacked Jeff pretty hard on the shoulder. We chose to ignore that and kept walking, but as we turned around he was bending down to pick up rocks to throw at us. So we started running and he starting chasing us, throwing rocks. Apparently it´s pretty easy to outrun a crazy man though. After a couple turns in the road down the mountain we escaped him, or so we thought. A couple more turns however and we could hear him screaming at us from some cliff up above that looked down over the road. He proceeded to throw football sized rocks down at us, so again we ran as carefully as possible out of his reach. So crazy. As we took a taxi later that day to the bus station, the driver said he knew about that guy and he´s always there harrassing white tourists.

This wasn´t the first time we´ve been assualted though! The very first day I landed in Buenos Aires some guy who was high on crack or something came running at us demanding money. I thought that´s all he was doing but I didn´t understand the Spanish. Apparently he was yelling at Josh telling him he´d cut his throat if we didn´t give him money. At that point Josh pushed the guy away and we ran off. Luckily this guy didn´t follow us. He had his hand concealed behind his back as if he was holding a knife, but who knows if he really had one.

Well anyways that´s the excitement recently and also from a while ago. We´re now back in Jujuy at Josh´s house and I only have two more days of this trip remaining. We´ll be going down to Salta tomorrow from where I will catch a flight back to Buenos Aires the day after tomorrow, and then back to the States.

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