Time Keeps Marching

The summer has been a whirlwind of fun. My parents were here for about 6 weeks, though they did travel a lot during that time. I was able to spend about 8 days with them down at my sister’s house in Indiana and also here in Wisconsin for about another 2 weeks. Then later this summer I flew out to Oregon to visit my grandparents there and my parents, sister and brother-in-law were also all there. Most especially my cousin Jon was there and I hadn’t seen him in literally 10 years. It was so good to reconnect with him. We are planning on taking a trip to China in a year and a half or so. It’s also been a long time since I’ve been in China so that’s about due.

My job with Lifetouch is going swimmingly. I’m #1 in sales for our region and consistently ranking in the top 10-20 nationwide. That’s an amazing blessing from God. My boss wants me to be a trainer, but unfortunately this is going to hurt my sales because I’ll still get paid on commission but it’ll be the commission that the person I’m training makes, not me. So yeah, lower sales. Ah well. I don’t plan to be doing much training because of this. Otherwise I’m very thankful for this job.

I purchased a Harley Davidson a couple months ago as well. Boy has that been fun. Like seriously more fun than should be allowed. It’s my first bike so I rode it around my apartment complex for about 60 miles before I actually took it on the road. Now I’m very comfortable with even freeway riding. Still gotta take the class this coming week though. After that I’ll have my endorsement and will be able to do night riding, which will be good because then I can ride to work and save a bit on gas money. Interestingly I found an old photo of me sitting on a Harley in the Milwaukee Harley museum, taken 10 years ago this Thanksgiving. Now 10 years later it became a reality. I’ll have to post side by side photos of me then and now.

I can’t believe it’s September, that means it’s getting closer to when I’ll be saying brrrrrrr!!! Dang.

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