Trip Beginning In Less Than 24 Hours!

Yeah that’s right! I’ll be on my way down to the beautiful Argentina this time tomorrow. Funny thing is, I’ll be in the air on new years. I’ll be flying over time zones and I won’t know what year or even decade it will be! I’m not entirely sure what to think about that. Maybe if I’m sitting next to some pretty girl on the flight I’ll get a kiss for the new year!

I’m all packed. I have two bags, one of which has my clothes and deodorant etc. The other has my cameras. It’s a small regular sized carry on and a good sized camera bag, so the size difference is minimal. I don’t need much, even for a month long trip! Flight leaves around 5pm tomorrow and I get in to Buenos Aires about 10:30 the following morning. That’s around 17 hours if my math is correct. Not so bad since I’m used to 24+ hours going to and from China. The weird thing about this trip is that I’ll be just one or two time zones different; when I go to China it’s 12 or 13 time zones away.

Well that’s all for now. Next time I write it will be in a new country, a new year, a new decade!

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