Upside Down Shower

Well we haven´t gone to Uruguay. We have stayed in a different house/apartment/hostel every single night however. We´re hoping that the place we go tonight we can stay for the next 3 nights.

I´ve been very impressed with how friendly the people here have been. Whenever we go to some house we stay and talk for like 5 hours. Not an exaggeration. It really reminds me of China. Josh knows quite a few people so we´re always staying and talking with people, it´s not like we´re just backpackers going to some foreign city and staying in hostels by ourselves and exploring the city. Though we have done some of that, a lot of our time has been spent with friends.

So a new thing here that I´ve never seen before is a little something new in the bathroom. It looks like another toilet, except you don´t sit on it, you squat over it and water sprays up to clean you off!! hahaha. You´re supposed to wipe first and use this just for the final touches. Apparently the Argentines like to make fun of some other group of people (not sure which) who don´t have these and say that they think it´s a shower. The water sprays up and it takes a long time to take a shower! hahahaha. oh boy. If you know what this thing is you´d understand.

Well Jeff is getting in on the 7th, so we have a couple more days before he gets here. We plan to visit La Plata tomorrow which is just about an hour and a half away from here. Then on the 8th after Jeff gets here we´re gonna go to Bolivia.

I´d like to upload some photos but I really doubt that´s gonna happen because it´s just too much trouble. I´ll definitely have photos online when I get back.

Well time to go get our stuff and move to the new hostel!

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