Well It Was Worth A Try

I went to the passport center in Cayman today with high hopes of being able to get a Caymanian passport, seeing as I was born in the Cayman Islands. Well apparently you need to have Caymanian parents in order to qualify for that through your parents, or if you want to do it through yourself, you needed to have been born before 1982. Well I guess I was four years too late. It was definitely worth a try though, Caymanian citizenship would be awesome to have. I could still get status if I ever moved back, but a passport is out of the question.

On a side note, my parents seem to be well known in Cayman. I was talking to some random tour guide people on the dock and through the conversation I told them I was born here in Cayman, and they asked who my parents were and they said they recognized the name “Mrs. Kee”. Also the lady who worked at the passport center said she recognized my parent’s names. So, Mom and Dad, you’re famous. At least in Cayman. =D

Things are sure different around here with a new manager. Natalie is the new manager of the photo team here on the Ryndam, and having a new manager is almost like being on a new ship as far as the photo department is concerned. She has changed absolutely everything about how everything is run, and so now we are all scrambling to figure out what we need to do and when we need to do what and how we’re going to do it. Most of the changes are good changes and I like them, it’s just a LOT of changes all at once and the first couple weeks have been a little stressful. Everything should slowly return to normal, just a different normal.

My friends Clare and Chris and I rented 3 wave runners yesterday in Jamaica. It cost us $40 for half an hour, which I bargained down from $75. It costs $130 for an hour in Key West, so I guess we got a good deal. It seemed expensive but it was fun, so who cares. One thing I haven’t yet done is bungie jumping, but I don’t really know of any place around here that has it, so I may not be able to do that this contract.

Alright, well there’s a crew party tonight, so I’m out and I’m headed to find some people to party with…..

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