What Makes Success?

Has the last 8 months of my life been a success? Well the answer is a resounding YES. I haven’t changed the world, been hired by National Geographic or cured cancer, but I have done a few particularly good things. I have been to more countries in the last 8 months than the rest of my life. And that’s saying something. I’ve made a lot of GREAT friends. I’ve made (and saved) some money. I’ve learned a lot of great skills in photography, sales and basic dealing with people skills. I’ve had SO much fun.

I’ve learned a lot about people too. Living with so many different kinds of people really forces you to get to know other types of people and learn to either like it or deal with it. I think working on a cruise ship is a great way to broaden your horizons and stretch yourself out of your comfort zone in a big way. My next contract isn’t official yet, but I’m pretty sure I know what it will be. I’ll post about that later once it’s official. I do know that I’m coming back to Indiana for sure on February 27th, which is this Sunday! I’ll have around 6 weeks vacation to sleep, eat and see friends. Don’t ask me to do any work, I won’t. 😉

For the rest of this week, I’m gonna be having a lot of fun. I’ll be going to a nice waterfall in Jamaica, going around Cayman with Mrs. Fraizer, hanging out in Cozumel with friends, and enjoying the last night on the ship in the OB. I’m gonna miss all you my Ryndam friends, the cool thing is though that I’ll see many of you again on another ship.

And now I must return to the ship or I’ll be left behind here in Keywest…

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